Gold Coast Pool Inspections

On the 1st December 2009, the Queensland Government introduced strict new swimming pool fence safety inspection laws.

These new laws were brought in to reduce the incidents of serious injuries and drowning of young children in Queensland swimming pools.

Pool fence safety inspection Gold Coast. Life-saving device in swimming pool
Help prevent accidental drownings!

These laws also require all swimming pools to be registered. The pool register is managed by the state government and you can perform an online check. (See below for more information on the government website.)

Regardless of whether a pool safety certificate is required or not all pool owners must ensure their pool complies with the current pool safety standard by the 30th November, 2015.

All properties must comply with the new pool safety laws within five years of them being introduced, unless they are sold or leased first. In which case, a pool safety certificate needs to obtained within 90 days of the property settlement.

If you are purchasing a property you will need to obtain a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement if the seller does not provide you with a pool safety certificate. Certificates are valid for two years for a home (non-shared) pool, and one year for a shared pool.

If the seller of the property does not provide you with a pool safety certificate, then they need to notify you of this before you enter into a contract of sale and before the settlement of the property. This is done by serving a Notice of no pool safety certificate (Form 36).

When do you book your pool safety inspection ?
If you are purchasing a property with a swimming pool, you should arrange for your pre-purchase building and pest inspections to be undertaken first, before you book your pool safety inspection.

Do not have your pools safety inspection undertaken at the same time as your pre-purchase inspections.
Why, if your building and pest inspections are not satisfactory and you decide to pull out of your contract, then you have not wasted money a pool safety inspection that you will not need.

If you are purchasing a property and it has a swimming pool, we recommend that you undertake your own independent, pool safety inspection.

Pool safety laws facts and information
Plenty of information is readily available regarding the pool safety laws on the Queensland Government website.

Swimming pool register
Swimming pool inspectors register
Overview of pool safety laws
Visit the Queensland Government pool safety website.

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